Are you ready for something bigger than your current reality?

Do you deeply crave to create the freedom to work where and when you want?

Do you envision yourself making a massive impact & living your purpose?

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I know you've got big dreams.

You crave the time and lifestyle freedom that a corporate job will never give you.

You deeply desire to help people.

You want to be “one of the women who actually DID it.” want to do it on your own terms.

REAL clarity.

"Make your dreams come true" kinda clarity.

My friend, clarity equals POWER. It's rocket fuel for your business and your dreams.

And I've got something very special to help you find it.

The Ultimate Dream Business Starter Kit is a power packed 11 page workbook filled with tips, questions and prompts to help propel you forward in clarity, action and cashflow.

  • 11 pages of no-nonsense questions, actions and steps you can take to quickly create a viable revenue stream in your business.

  • 15 power questions to help you to get clear on what you actually want, identify things standing in your way and gain the confidence to move past them.

  • Empowering tips to help you work through your limiting beliefs about making a great living in your own biz, so you can connect to the greater impact of YOU creating financial abundance and how important it truly is.


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7 minute guided visualization to help you gain clarity around your unique areas of brilliance, visualize the problems you solve through your work and connect with who you're meant to help.

6 minute guided meditation to help you visualize your dream clients and the powerful results they experience through your work while soulfully connecting to your purpose.

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I'm Jackie Prutsman, my friends call me Jack.

I’m a Nashville-based mom, founder, speaker, author and business coach helping women entrepreneurs to create scalable income and time freedom so they can leave corporate without looking back.

As a former Fortune 500 and INC 500 Entertainment Executive who, for years, spent 20+ weeks of the year traveling for business and on other peoples' time schedules, I've now created a business and life around one driving principle: Freedom. 

Time freedom, financial freedom, lifestyle freedom.

I believe that when women thrive personally, professionally and financially we make the whole world better and I'm on a mission to help 100,000 women create true Freedom-based businesses!